LeanMD San Diego

LeanMD San Diego is the perfect way for Dr. Carson to provide specialized, medically directed weight loss and care. Dr. Carson was so excited when she finally found the LeanMD program she could offer her patients, she literally jumped up and down! Losing weight takes thought, care and planning, and LeanMD provides a simplified road map to make your weight loss journey easier.

What can you expect from the LeanMD San Diego program? At your first visit, you will:

  • Fill out a questionnaire that asks about your general health and specific concerns.
  • Weigh and measure to get a benchmark so you can track your progress.
  • Take some recommended tests and possibly an EKG to get a good reading of your current health levels. These can be done at the Uniquely Fit office or through your primary care physician’s lab.
  • Meet with Dr. Carson and talk about your weight loss goals; based on your responses, Dr. Carson will make recommendations for you to follow.
  • Meet your LeanMD mentor (who is also a trained medical professional).
  • Receive (if you choose) a vitamin B-12 with lipo-tropics injection to help jump start your metabolism. The nutrient-rich foods you can eat on this diet along with the supplements will allow you to not feel hungry, but if needed, appetite suppressants are optional.  You and the doctor will decide together if they are appropriate for you.

Your take-home packet is a reusable shopping bag full of goodies: LeanMD shake (your choice of flavor), special shake bottle, vitamins, metabolism boosters, a spacious lunch bag, and charts and booklets that will help you understand and follow the program, including menus and recipes for delicious real foods you can eat.

Weekly follow-up visits with your mentor include measurements of your weight and blood pressure, injections if desired, and a printout of your statistics to add to your folder that will help you track your progress. After your first 30 days you will work with your mentor and Dr. Carson to decide where you want to go, how to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, and begin discussing sustainability and maintaining your desired weight. At this point you can replenish your supply of products and continue your weekly visits.

Payments for this program are structured so that you have one lump sum fee at intake that includes your first month of products and first two weeks of visits. Each subsequent weekly visit requires a weekly payment that varies depending on current discounts offered and the vitamin or medical injections you choose.

For more detailed information please visit the LeanMD San Diego web page, and the LeanMD website. There is a lot to learn and think about. You can also find valuable coupons to help lower the cost of this important investment in YOU!


We look forward to becoming your LeanMD San Diego partner. Please call us to set up an appointment at (619) 552-2050 or email uniquelyfitmedicalweightloss@gmail.com.