Medically Supported Weight Loss Programs



LeanMD is a medically supported weight loss program that has been developed by physicians for physicians to offer their patients. The program follows specific guidelines that can be tailored to fit your unique needs and concerns. LeanMD is offered exclusively in San Diego through Dr. Latisa Carson’s Uniquely Fit Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

Dr. Carson has worked for many years to help patients attain their weight loss goals. You may find that working with a modified diet and exercise, you are able to accomplish what you want. Or you may want to explore various tools and methods to give you an additional boost toward your desired goals. The ultimate goal is for you to realize your potential as a uniquely fit and healthy individual. With a little help, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Discover more details about Uniquely Fit’s LeanMD San Diego program and how physician supervised, medically supported weight loss can work for you by visiting:

LeanMD website  |  Uniquely Fit Medical Weight Loss’s LeanMD web page

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